My Journey with the Brush 

Commissioned Art by ILSE de Villiers

Every brushstroke tells a story, and each canvas I work on is a testament to my passion for wildlife and nature. Alongside my personal collection, I often find myself diving deep into the world of commissioned artwork. But what does this mean for you and me?

What is Commissioned Art, Anyway?

Simply put, commissioned art is when you come to me with a vision, a spark, and I bring it to life on canvas. Maybe you have a specific scene in mind, a cherished memory, or perhaps there’s that one wall in your home that’s waiting for its perfect match. Here’s how I see it: you bring the idea, and I’ll bring my palette.

African Buffalo painting by Ilse de Villiers

The inspiration behind the painting

The Snow Leopard: A Leap Beyond My Comfort

This year, I journeyed into uncharted territory: painting a snow leopard. I’ve painted leopards, cheetahs, and even the elusive Black panther, but the snow leopard? That was a first. The intricate details, from its mesmerizing fur to the unique spots, were thrilling to capture. What made it special? A client who believed in me, pushing me to explore beyond my boundaries.

Elephant painting. A male bull elephant with large tusks pained by Ilse  de Villiers ''A Tuskers dust bath''

Ilse de Villiers sitting next to her recently finished commission of a Snow Leopard

Painting a snow leopard by Ilse de Villiers

Snow Leopard painted by Ilse De Villiers

My Process: From Your Mind to My Canvas

Every artist dances to their own rhythm, and I’m no different. It all starts with understanding your dream. I take the time to truly listen, gauge if the vision aligns with my artistic sensibilities, and then delve into the details. Think of reference photos, the size you envision, timelines, and of course, your budget. Once we’re on the same page, I put pen to paper, detailing out our agreement, ensuring everything is crystal clear.

Painting a snow leopard by Ilse de Villiers

Starting a new wildlife Painting by Ilse

Mary Martin Gallery - Charleston gallery broad street
Mary Martins gallery America

Bushveld & Kudus: Embracing the ‘Royalty of the Bush’

One of my most cherished projects was bringing to life kudus against the backdrop of the bushveld. These majestic creatures, with their spiraled horns and regal demeanor, are often hailed as the “Royalty of the bush”. Every detail, from the distinct torso stripes to the lush bushveld, was a journey of discovery. The outcome? A canvas that resonated with the heart and soul of my client.

Zebra painting USA

The Rollercoaster of Commissioned Art

Each commissioned piece is like setting sail on uncharted waters. It’s a blend of excitement, hope, and the silent prayer that my rendition aligns with your dream. I’m proud to say, with each masterpiece I’ve unveiled, the smiles and awe have been my biggest reward.

Let’s Co-create Magic!

Feeling inspired? Have a vision you’d like to see on canvas? I’m here, ready to listen, and even more ready to paint.

? Reach out to me:

Comissioned Paintings by Ilse de Villiers

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