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A word from ILSE:

I developed the new range “Black & white”-paintings in 2009 & since then they have become very popular & sought after. Since I don’t do any giclees or prints, I wanted to present a smaller, more ‘modern’, but still ORIGINAL painting to the public & art lovers out there. These paintings are unique in the sense that the only color in the painting (if any) will be the animals eyes.

The “Black & whites” are done using black acrylic on white artist canvas and sealed with a professional varnish made especially for acrylic artwork.

The “Black & whites” make a stylish statement and immediately become a focus point in any room, whether it’s a study, living room or hallway. They also group together beautifully.

To inquire about available Black & white paintings, email ILSE directly

Herewith a few examples of “Black & white” paintings I have done.


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